QuickToLearnMore is designed to be extremely easy to use. .

The only time a QuickTrainee needs to use a keyboard is to enter his username and password. After that, all activity, from turning to the next page to completing the test, is performed with the mouse.

Everything about QuickToLearnMore is designed to make the QuickTrainee's life simple.

Content is comprehensive and leads from foundation level to intermediate - suitable for senior (non-compliance) managers. And it is written in a style that is neither legalistic nor pompous and, where technical language is needed, it is explained. But it is equally important that the language used is not so simple that senior managers regard it as lightweight. Striking that balance is not easy - and it is made even more difficult by the fact that QuickToLearnMore is deployed - in English - in environments where many staff have English as a second or even third language.

QuickTrainees can break off and return to the same point in their training: the system remembers what page they had reached and when they log on QuickTrainees are asked if they wish to return to the same page or to start again.

QuickTrainees cannot skip through the course: The first time they take it the course leads them through page by page. Only when they have completed the entire QuickModule are they presented with a menu that allows them to pick pages. This allows the QuickTrainee to revise - and to use QuickToLearnMore as a reference work, relieving the pressure on your own team.