QuickToLearnMore operates on a series of modules. Every QuickTrainee takes a minimum of three modules:

QuickModule One - the Foundation Course. This introduces concepts, languages and explains about money laundering and the reasons for combating it. By the end of the foundation course, QuickTrainees are already where many training providers would consider intermediate standard.

But we know from experience that basic courses are not good enough to protect your organisation - and that's what we, as a group, do for a living.

QuickModule Two - the jurisdiction module. All regulators require that your staff are trained in applicable law and regulation ("L&R"). But simply reciting the L&R doesn't help your staff - and if it doesn't help them, it doesn't help you. First, L&R is difficult to understand - even if it is written in plain language. So we explain it, and we set it in context. L&R is complex, so we simplify it, and set it in context. And lastly L&R is boring, so we make it relevant and interesting.

If your staff operate across borders, or if you are deploying QuickToLearnMore in a multi-national environment, some QuickTrainees will need to take QuickModule Two for more than one jurisdiction. If so, just add more jurisdiction modules to the QuickTrainee's account - each additional module costs one additional QuickToken.

QuickModule Three - the market segmentation module. As the adverts say, here comes the science bit. Our long and wide experience, coupled with a deep understanding of the issues and the way criminals manipulate financial services companies and their staff means we create highly targeted QuickModules for specific business areas ranging from real-estate to money transfer companies, from investment and merchant banking to retail bankers, from credit card companies to ... well, you get the picture.

And with QuickToLearnMore, so will your staff.