QuickToLearnMore is available for the following jurisdictions with more on the way:

United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, India

If your country isn't listed you can still deploy QuickToLearnMore using the "General Principles of Anti-Money Laundering Law and Regulation."

If there is sufficient demand for a particular jurisdiction, we can produce a QuickModule for that jurisdiction within a very short time-frame and at no additional cost to you.

All we say is that, for a new jurisdiction, there must be a sufficiently large demand to justify our investment in the production and maintenance of a module for that jurisdiction.

There are four basic sources for anti-money laundering laws around the world: FATF Recommendations, EU Directives, US and Australian law. Even those have substantial common areas. Our "General Principles of Anti-Money Laundering Law and Regulation" draws from those to present a module that covers the basic law and regulation applicable worldwide. It meets regulatory requirements and covers the bases you need to protect your organisation.