Quick To Learn More AML/CFT e-learning is a leading hosted e-learning system for your financial institution.

We take your staff from basics to intermediate, learning what money laundering is, and why criminals do it;

then we teach them about the law and regulation in your country, and

finally we teach them about money laundering risks that are specific to the industry sector they work in.

Then we test them.

We meet or exceed all legal and regulatory requirements, and provide risk-based training right across your organisation.

Quickly, easily and inexpensively.

It's Quick To Learn More.

Your staff need to learn Quickly. At each step of the way, Quick To Learn More presents complicated issues in an accessible (but not patronising) format suitable from the front office to the board room.

You need to prove compliance: With QuickReports, we protect the compliance officer by including a) a progress report for each trainee on each module, and b) a test with results for each trainee for each module. You can see at a glance who has not started, who has not finished and who has passed or failed the test: it's all colour coded and output to coloured pdf for record keeping.

You need to make training relevant: With QuickModules, you can subscribe your users to one country or to more than one country. And you choose one or more industry sectors - useful for those in international business or those dealing with multiple client areas in small branches.

Your senior training must be risk based: QuickModules includes Intermediate-to-advanced modules such as QuickGlobalKYC, QuickSanctions and more are for managers, board members and compliance / risk teams.

You need to know your people have read, understood and know how to apply your in-house procedures. With QuickManuals, make a "QuickModule" from your in-house manual, converting it to the Quick To Learn More format, and writing a test based on it, so that this forms part of your training regime - and is part of the compliance system that you demonstrate to regulators.

Your people like stories. The "QuickLibrary" is a collection of short case studies, presented in an easy reading style, not forming part of the formal training, that your trainees can browse through to increase the interest factor.

You need to be sure it's right. Quick To Learn More is a product of The Anti Money Laundering Network, an international group of companies providing consultancy, training, information services, Fora and software for the financial sector and beyond. Quick To Learn More was launched in 2002 and is regularly updated.

But none of this is any use if your e-learning is not Quick!

Quick To Learn More is Quick To Set Up! It's simple: we open an account for you and you enrol your trainees. That's the only admin task you ever have to do. And as each trainee is enrolled, he can start using the system immediately: you don't have to wait and do one big roll-out.

Quick To Learn More is Quick To Learn To Use! If your trainees can type their username and password, they never have to type again! After log-on, if they can "drive" a mouse, they can use the system. To turn the page, press a button; to save the course and come back later, press a button, to start the test or answer a question, press a button.

We can't say it's idiot proof but our big boss can use it and he can't work the radio in his car.

You need something that won't kill your bandwidth. Quick To Learn More is Quick to the desktop! Specially formulated design means Quick To Learn More comes to your users just as fast as your IT system allows - but unlike many other systems it does not draw huge amounts of capacity from your business-critical operations. It's called Quick because it is Quick. How well did we design it? We future proofed it from the beginning. However, in the past dozen years, our competitors have scrambled to cope with changes in operating systems, browser specifications, even the increasing use of mobile devices.

Quick To Learn More is Quick To Report: QuickReports' presets mean you just choose the report you want from a pick-list, and it pops up on screen. Want it on paper? Quick! Press the PDF button and it will pop out on your default printer.

Want to know more? Quick!

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