The Quick To Learn More e-learning platform was developed especially to facilitate delivery in low bandwidth environments viewed on legacy PCs.

Minimum point of delivery specification for internet delivery

• Internet connection min. 28.8

• 486 or equivalent processor and 8Mb RAM.

• Windows 95 (r) with browser IE5.5 / Netscape 5 or later (including Firefox) or

• Linux with Firefox or

• any operating system with any modern browser e.g. Opera*

• No sound required

• VGA graphics and 14" medium resolution monitor

• Useful but not essential: e-mail

Our servers are driven by industry-standard LAMP platform: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PhP

• Cookies must be enabled. Javascript is required.

Here's clever (as the Welsh would say): our technology was designed to be future proof and, as a result, QuickToLearnMore is accessible without any form of App or other special features on mobile platforms and tablets using the built-in browser (Apple devices may give strange results due to non-standard implementation of web technologies).

* Due to the browser's non-standard handling of some features Safari and Google Chrome (which shares many components with Safari) are not supported. Mac users are encouraged to install Firefox which can be downloaded free from the Apple website.