The Anti Money Laundering Network group of companies includes:

Silkscreen Consulting:

Anti money laundering and counter terrorism risk management and compliance consultancy and tailor made in-house training courses.

Financial Crime Forum:

Hosts local and regional public courses, conferences and seminars.

World Money Laundering Report:

World Money Laundering Report: Six issues per year, available in e-book format via for individuals and on site-licence subscription from
Published by Vortex Centrum Ltd which also publishes a range of B2B, B2C, C2C and other websites. See for details.

Quick To Learn More money laundering e-learning programme:

The e-training arm of the group. Designed to meet and exceed compliance obligations both domestically and internationally.

Risk Values:

A proven profiling tool to identify those who display a propensity to commit fraud, financial crime and Terrorist Financing. No racial or religious identifiers are used.
Suitable for assessing prospective clients and staff.

In conclusion we provide the following
1. Consultancy
2. Face to Face Training
3. Internet based Training or e-learning - Quicktolearnmore
4. Public Courses
5. Money laundering on-line resources, Publications, case studies 6. Risk Profiling Tool
7. Provide content to 3rd party e-learning platforms
8. Packaging of money laundering cases for prosecution purposes

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