To fulfil regulatory requirements

Quick To Learn More is designed from a compliance and risk-management perspective, by compliance and risk management specialists. You can leverage on their expertise to be sure that your training and record keeping meet the standards required in every jurisdiction in which you operate.

Superior Standard of Training Material:

The content for Quick To Learn More is drawn from the expertise of Silkscreen Consulting. It's built on face-to-face training for regulators and prominent financial Institutions worldwide since 1994 and the extensive resources of The Anti Money Laundering Network's information services divisions.

And we focus on individual business areas: in doing so, we enable you to deliver international standard and accurate anti-money laundering knowledge across all areas of the company's business.

Total Compliance and Risk Based Approach Training

As AML / CFT compliance and risk management specialists, we understand that an AML / CFT training programme will not meet regulators' requirements if it is not promptly up-dated with amendments to law and regulation and backed with continuous risk awareness information.

Quick To Learn More is supported by the Group's News division and Online News resources so providing constant updates on new law and case studies. With Quick To Learn More your staff will not be trained with out-of-date information. Ever.

Quick To Learn More offers a total compliance- and risk-focused training regime, designed to meet your regulator's requirements - and your internal risk management needs.

Complete with full audit trail for inspection and audit purposes

Quick To Learn More provides an on-line record of training and progress report.

Authoritative but easy to use

With content developed by subject experts, Quick To Learn More explains complex topics by reference to interesting - and easy to follow - case studies. There is no "dumbing down" - but the language used is easy to understand. Difficult stuff made easy. Quick To Learn More is authoritative yet easy to follow.

Free Updates of New Material:

Course material is constantly updated with the most current information and changes to the law.

Low Bandwidth Needed:

The system is designed to operate with low bandwidth infrastructure. (the design brief called for a 28.8kb dial up connection). Unlike some products that are graphics intensive, have animations and sound or even computer-games, Quick To Learn More will not kill your bandwidth. You can run it alongside your operations without fear that they will crash or slow down. And if your branches are still using old PC, that's no problem: even now, the fundamental design brief is that it must be usable by someone with a PC running Windows 98 with 4Mb RAM and a 14 inch VGA monitor. And we stick to that standard because, surprisingly, there are still millions of machines in back offices that are built that way. And your back office staff need training, too.

Real-time reporting of staff progress.

The internet platform provides real time reporting on progress of staff training across the whole group. And it doesn't get any easier to understand at a glance: colour coded entries show your trainee's progress through the modules and the compulsory tests - and whether they met the required pass mark.

Value Added - full access to on-line information services for all trainees:

Users have full access to our on-line AML publication resources at World Money Laundering Report Online: Daily News and can download the journal World Money Laundering Report if they wish. Both contain up-to-date case studies and regular updates on current events in the anti money laundering world.

And they also have unrestricted access to a library of cases relating to money laundering, terrorist financing and a wide range of predicate crime to help them be aware of suspicious transactions.

Across those services, they can find around 5,000 pages if case studies and additional awareness material. No other company even begins to approach that level of content.

One Product Meets All Needs

Quick To Learn More is your ideal solution to meet all your training needs, to fulfil your company's compliance obligations and protect compliance officers' interests at the same time.

Super Product in extremely competitive price

Quick To Learn More is unique. If we sound proud of it, it's because we are. No other e-learning product has been designed from the ground up as a counter-money laundering compliance tool, to form part of a group-wide training, information and compliance system which can even be used for outreach training programmes, and yet is affordable by even small organisations.

Peace of Mind - Our reputation is your best insurance policy

Let's be honest: money laundering happens and one day it will happen to your company. When a money laundering breach has occurred, you can demonstrate that you have deployed the best possible training and awareness system, one designed specifically to reduce the risk of such an incident. And you did so because you understood that AML / CFT training is a highly specialised subject with demands vastly different from e.g. sales or even other compliance training. And as a result, you hooked your people into Quick To Learn More. The only product designed and written by the leading specialists at The Anti Money Laundering Network.