Let's hear what the Quick To Learn More users said about the programme:

"Everything we want to see in a training programme"

"Quick To Learn More creates discussion among users which is a very good sign of a positive learning cycle"

"Quick To Learn More is simply unique."

"It is not expensive, even for small businesses, it runs happily on pretty much any computer with an internet connection without any software in addition to a web-browser. That means we didn't have to buy new computers."

"Authoritative but easy to use."

"It's much cheaper to deploy than sending trainers around the country or across the world - or bringing dozens of people to a training centre."

"When we took over another bank, we were able to roll-out Quick To Learn More to the new staff starting on the morning of the takeover. Within days, we had the entire staff undergoing training to bring them up to the standards we required and to familiarise them with our policies and procedures."

"We inspected a bank that had done no proper training. By deploying Quick To Learn More the bank brought its staff into compliance within a few days - and kept them there. That helped the bank keep its licence."