Quick To Learn More includes the following modules:

Module 1:
Foundation Course: money laundering / terrorist financing.

Module 2:
Country-specific modules for law and regulation.

If there is not a specific law module available for your country, you can choose our "General principles of AML / CFT law and regulation" module which draws on the EU Directives, the FATF recommendations, US and Australian law. Almost all law and regulation all over the world is based on one or more of these - and they have a lot in common. Originally developed for use where countries have no or inadequate law so that banks operating there could train their staff properly, this General Principles module is now available to businesses that operate across many jurisdictions.

Module 3:
Market segmentation which deals with specific risks in specific business areas. Trainees can be assigned to one or more segmentation modules, e.g. 'Securities Industry' 'Offshore Banking', 'Retail Banking' and many others

We invented this "tri-modular approach" and under it, each user takes three modules on a pick-and-mix basis.

This approach takes people from beginner to intermediate level.

After each module, users need to complete a test for their understanding of the subject. The training progress and result will be kept in the system to provide full audit trail, so meeting your compliance objectives.

Current market segmentation in the programme include: Retail Bank, Merchant bank, Private Bank, Broking Firms, Securities Companies, Insurance, Funds Management Companies and Investment Companies and more.