The charging mechanism for QuickToLearnMore is simplicity itself:

- A QuickClient contracts for a one-year subscription.

- The year runs from the commencement of the contract.

- The QuickClient decides how many QuickTrainees there will be.

- Each QuickTrainee takes a minimum of three QuickModules and each module costs one QuickToken.

- Once the QuickContract is under way, additional tokens can be purchased.

- All QuickTokens expire at the end of the contract term and no refund is given for unused tokens. However, credit is given for unused tokens against the next year's purchase.

So, if a QuickClient buys 15,000 tokens (to provide standard training for 5,000 staff but have 240 tokens left at the end of the year, QuickToLearnMore will credit you with 240 tokens against next year's purchase so the QuickClient pays for only 4760 QuickTokens - or the QuickClient can choose to take 5,240 QuickTokens for the price of 5,000.

Every time you sign up a QuickTrainee to a QuickModule, one token is deducted from your balance.